Facilitating Movement Support and Building From Anti-Oppression Foundations

Group Facilitation:
Discussions and Training on Anti-Oppression and Diversity in Organizational, Activist and/or Movement Space

To facilitate more of these discussions to strengthen our foundations and support movement work in Virginia and the South.

Contact Me:
dandydextrous@gmail.com for more information, please include an introduction to your organization.

Will tailor costs to organizational budgets. Low-income and grassroots groups encouraged to contact regardless of budget limitations.  Cover costs of printing and transportation, when necessary.

Please allow at least two weeks to properly research, tailor curriculum and schedule a consultation meeting before trainings/group discussions. Evenings and weekends only.


  • Curriculum and discussion tailored to your group.
  • Can be around issues specific to group or broader sensitivity training.
  • Consultation before and after.
  • Race, Gender, Sexuality, Class, Ability